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Eisele Verlag was founded in 2016 by Julia Eisele to offer authors a home
that respects and encourages their individuality.

Eisele Verlag is all about quality with a personal touch:
we are passionate advocates for all our meticulously designed books.
With over 20 years’ experience in publishing, Julia Eisele is always true to her own tastes,
which are just as varied and individual as those of modern readers.
Like them, she looks beyond the traditional labels such
as “commercial” or “literary fiction” to ask: is it special?
Does it inspire me? Will it fire enthusiasm in me and other people?
These are often novels that defy the genre/literary divide – emotionally moving texts with a strong story and a unique voice.

Eisele Verlag only publishes a small selection of hand-picked titles every year,
which means that all our books are of the highest quality. We concentrate on what really matters, and this benefits not only the reader, but also the authors and their texts, which are championed by the publisher herself.

First class PR and a strong distribution partner give our books good visibility in the media and the shops.
At Eisele Verlag we aim for the best of both worlds: the professionalism of the big publishing houses combined with the passion of the indies.